We coming back stronger than ever…

Firstly, as mentioned below, we’ve had a few problems with our hosting issues, and if it wasn’t for our savior CyberMods, then we wouldn’t have been able to even keep the forum online as much as we have been able to. So many thanks still go to him for continuing to host our forum.

So what’s to happen now you wonder? Well the website is not fully complete, but it is up, and it will expand and continue to grow. So you will no doubt still see a few small issues. But on a positive note, more members car’s will be a featured in the members gallery as well as a few new feature cars coming this way very soon. You may also notice the new section, click on it and think “erm – why’s a Capri on fiesta-si.com?” well to answer that, were asking you lot to write about certain aspects of Ford’s history, be it a car, an engine or anything to do with Ford that you may think others will have an interest in, be it your own story or the actual history of your chosen subject. More info can be found on the forums if your interested.

So stay locked in everyone, all the problems you see for now with FSi Will be fixed and sorted out. We’re back and growing stronger.. nothing can stop us now.