So where do we begin? has amassed a large number of members since we last updated, and our community has really grown leaps and bounds. We are ever thankful for the great comments and words we receive about our website, and we can only say thank you! We’re so proud that everyone is so supportive of FSi. Thanks once again guys and gals!

Winter is just around the corner but already everyone is looking forward to FITP and Ford Fair next year, as well as talks about rolling road days in-between, along with our ever popular Sixfields meet in Northampton. Which reminds me to inform you of our huge Christmas meet in December! Please check the Sixfields section in our Events forum for the latest news of what’s happening and who is coming!

We also have a big surprise for you in the coming months, with what we hope will be a great improvement to the site! In the meantime we will have a few new members car features coming along any week now that are, I must admit, way overdue!

Keep checking the forums for the latest news, enjoy yourselves
and don’t be afraid to ask for any help or advice. We have many
skilled and talented members on our site from various backgrounds
with a vast amount of knowledge to help you with. So from me,
Des & Scott take it easy, and we’ll be seeing a lot of you at

The team.