Well guys, i have some bad news.. The hosting company we used it seems didn’t like to pay their bills, and so without notice they have gone "missing" and connot be contacted. So first off the website might be having bandwidth problems until we can find a decent and more secure host.

Second off, the past 6 months of the forum seems to not want to restore into a new phpBB board. So i may have to say that we have lost all our members and posts… All i’d like to say at this point is FSi will return, and so will the forum. And i’ll keep fighting to get the forum back up to where it was before. We’ve made such a great community so far and i can’t let something like this die, i know Des and Scott feel the same way.

So if you could please bare with us, we will have this sorted within the week no matter what. I just hope this doesn’t cause too many problems for you lot, as i don’t know about you but i’m lost without the forum a little. Anyway thanks for listening and i will continue to put every evening and weekend into this place like i have from the start, and i hope you like the new look of the place, links will start working shortly.

The fiesta-si.com team