It’s been over half a year since our last update folks!

In that time we’ve had a multitude of Sixfields meets in Northampton, even more members join up, and our community still continues to grow stronger by the day.

We’ve noticed quite a few people have had the winter blues, and with another expensive Christmas that’s been and gone, a few problems with members cars and the January paypacket that seems to never arrive, it’s been very testing indeed! But somehow we’ve all managed to survive smiling on the other side of it and now that the days are getting lighter as well, spirits are lifting a little more everyday too.

So what’s new you ask? Well, the mainsite has had a slight update, with all pictures being replaced/updated. The members gallery has been removed for now whilst the newer version of this is put into production which we are working on currently, and a nice suprise is planned for all you lot on the site this Spring.

We also have organised a new rolling road session with Gordon @ Streetracers. The date is set for the 9th of March, 2008. Details can be found in the general section of the forum. Many thanks for Andy (andyleesy) for helping us sort out the payment for this. So make sure you get yourself down there – even if it’s just to say hi on the day. This will be our first major event of the 2008 season – which will be followed by many Sixfields meets, FITP, Ford Fair, a RWYB day and hopefuly a few extra gatherings and pub meets!

Finally, FSi wishes everyone a happy new year! We love you all more than cheesecake. And that says a lot.

Thanks Guys and Girls