Firstly; a big thanks is in order for you guys and girls that continue to use the site. It’s providing an excellent and close-knit group of Fiesta Si owners where we can all chat, talk about our cars, organise our events and ask for assistance.

It’s been a year since we first put the site up and it’s been growing well since. We don’t have a huge number of members but the members of the site come back regularly giving a real sense of community on the site. We’re thankful for your support in donations, visiting the site and a special thanks to Chris for mentioning us when his spankingly clean Si was featured in Performance Ford.

It’s still early days but time moves fast and May is the month of the biggest Fiesta event in the Ford calendar with Fiesta in the Park at Wickstead Park near Kettering. We’re proud to say we’ve got our own stand and we’ve got a thread in the General Forum where you can purchase your stand pass. All Fiestas are welcome on our stand and at a low cost of £6 what’s stopping you getting your car on stand, letting people have a nose around at it and give you some feedback. Last years Fiesta in the Park was my second trip and following in the annual tradition, it was a blazing hot day and a great day out for all. With 100’s of Fiestas on show from the modest early classics of the Mk1 XR2 to the latest offering from Ford the Fiesta ST, there is no finer place to check out your favourite little Ford.

We’re now also running at full speed with thanks to our wonderful host, with all our problems a speck on the horizon behind us. So another thanks is in order for Cyber.

That’s a rap for this update but keep checking back as some further updates are planned over the site over the coming months.

The team.