Well, it’s finally happened! Fiesta-Si.com has launched and we
have to say, we’re quite pleased with what we have achieved! It’s
taken a lot of late nights, a lot of preparation, a lot of shall
we say, disagreements, but yes, it’s here!

This site is aimed at the Ford Fiesta Si, be it the 1.4 8v, or
the 1.6 16v, But we do also welcome any other Fiesta owner! Got
an RS1800? Got an XR2i? Got a 1.1 Popular Plus? You’re all welcome!
If it’s Ford and Fiesta, sign

So why did we decide to do this? We’re already members of numerous
car sites, but none of these specifically cater for the Fiesta
Si. One late night chat brought this to light, so what would be
the logical step? Create one! Lots of idea’s were thrown about,
lots of suggestions and lots of dreams to be quite honest, so
it may well be inevitable we have missed some important things
which will make the whole FSI.com experience all the more enjoyable!
So we want you, the new users, to tell us what you think! A post
will be put up for you to air your views and post you suggestions,
all of which will be considered!

The Fiesta Si is a great base car to start off with your modifying
life (and believe me, it can take over your life)! It has a strong
chassis, a choice of 2 engine sizes, and is very cheap on insurance
costs! But do a search for it on the Internet, and not that much
comes up! So how many Si owners out there are there that miss
the more popular sites for helping with the modifying and problem
solving process, www.fiestaturbo.com being one of them! This site
is a personal favourite of mine! It has a great bunch of people
there, a busy forum, and the regulars who post that know their
stuff! Myself (EvilDes) and the other admin (Ry and scotty_boy)
are all regular posters on there, but just felt it time the site
members who own Si’s, have their own place to refer to!

And so that brings us onto what we have before your very eyes.
The construction of FSI.com was a laborious process. We had to
try and get the right style, look and content to the site. You
may well see many changes happening in the foreseeable future
as we attempt to make FSI.com as pleasing to the eye, as easy
to use and as enjoyable for you to use! We’d welcome any suggestions
on any part of the site, so feel free to post up or pm any one
of us! What we aim to give you is a main site that has much information
to take from. Something else we’d like to do is write up reports
on shows, post up news and inform you of coming events! The forum
is also an integral part of the whole FSI.com experience, and
hopefully you will find it informative as well as entertaining!

This site is made for the Si owner. It’s time
to stop feeling neglected..