Ok, so it’s time for a fsi update for you all. We’ve been busy here over at fiesta-si.com ironing out all the bugs and doing quite a few updates. All of our content is up and running and we have a more for you in store.
We would just like to take this time to say a quick Thank You to all of our members, who have bumped us past the 200 mark.

We’re always looking to develop the site further and would like your input. If you think your car is worthy for its own page in our ‘Members Cars’ section then email one of the admin on the forum, and we’ll stick you a page up. We welcome cars in various stages of their development, us modders are never finished so we understand if you’re not 100% happy, neither are we!

We’re also currently working on a few new bits for the site to keep it looking fresh and new content for new and old users. If you have any suggestions for the site email us, or pop a post up on the forum.
Many thanks to you all, and especially Fast Ford Magazine for putting a snippet up about us in their Editorial section of Augusts issue of the Magazine. Cheers guys.

That’s not all for now though, v1.3 is here and we hope you won’t be disappointed with the constant updates.

The fiesta-si.com team.