Welcome to my blog, my name is Andy, but most of you will know me on FSi as Percy.

I am one of the longest standing members here on fiesta-si.com and one of the most recent additions to the moderators team.

I actually started driving in 2003 and my first car was an ash black 1.1 fiesta, it really was a great car and ideal for when I past my test. In time this car became know as the dragon wagon due some of my more adventurous styling ideas, here is one of the rare pictures of it:

After a year of driving my 1.1 I got a 2.0 Si, this was one of the early 2.0 conversions and there wasn’t many about at the time. I did keep some interesting styling ideas but this time I was a lot more focused. The specs where as follows:

Car:- Ash Black Ford Fiesta Si

Engine:- 2.0 16v Conversion,  2.0 Throttle Body, Piper Fast Road Cams, Mongoose Cat-Back Exhaust System

Suspension:- 60mm Spax Suspension Kit

Brakes:- Fiesta ST150 front brakes

Alloys:- 15″ Speedline Chronos in Anthracite with polished outer rim

Exterior Mods:-  Bonnet Vents, Curved Bonnet extensions, LED afterburner rear lights, XR/RS side skirts and arches, Halo headlights and fog lights.

Interior Mods:- Pioneer headunit, 2×12″ Vibe Black Air Subwoofers, Kenwood dual mag speakers in the front and kenwood 7×10’s in the back and enough amps to power it all.

And of course there is some pictures:

Sorry to say the fiesta is long gone, but my love for it and other Fiesta Si’s still remains!

Since the Fiesta I have owned a Saxo VTS and current own a C2 VTS, both are excellent cars.

Future Plans:- I do plan to keep the C2 for a good while and slowly increase its power, past that who knows?

Anything Else:- I am currently Fiesta Si’s Computer and Llama Expert, I do believe my computer knowledge gets used more but if you have a question about either you know where I am.

To finish a picture of my Llama Mr T!

I love you all!

You can find me these days here:

Pumpkin Studios

Andy Russell Photography

AR Booth

AR Video