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Late October 2005

Well then fellow FSI members.. Here we are. We our now hosted with CyberMods on a nice and steady dual xeon pentium 4 server. was born here, after taking […]

Mid September 2005

We coming back stronger than ever… Firstly, as mentioned below, we’ve had a few problems with our hosting issues, and if it wasn’t for our savior CyberMods, then we wouldn’t […]

Early August 2005

Ok, so it’s time for a fsi update for you all. We’ve been busy here over at ironing out all the bugs and doing quite a few updates. All […]

Late August 2005

Well guys, i have some bad news.. The hosting company we used it seems didn’t like to pay their bills, and so without notice they have gone "missing" and connot […]

Early March 2005 – Welcome to FSi!

Well, it’s finally happened! has launched and we have to say, we’re quite pleased with what we have achieved! It’s taken a lot of late nights, a lot of […]