sixfields, northants

Sixfields, a leisure complex of fast food chains, restaurants, a bowling alley, arcade, numerous bars and pubs, and of course Sixfields Football stadium, home to Northampton Town football club.


So why do people on FSI mention it so much? Are we a bunch of alcoholics who support Northampton Town, and eat nothing but McDonalds? No, Sixfields leisure has a huge amount of car parks, and is ideal for meeting up.

And this is exactly what we do. Sixfields has become one of the biggest and most regular meets from last year. It all started on during the summer of 2004. Over time it has grown and now has a set pattern of what goes on there. Despite this meet starting off as a Fiestaturbo meet, the amount of Si’s that go there now far exceeds any other type of Fiesta.

So what happens then? Well, once a time and date has been arranged, the ball is rolling for the next meet. A usual meeting time is 730 – 8pm, on a Saturday night. The main meeting point is the main car park for the football stadium, and as the meeting time approaches, the cars start rolling in, with the sounds of performance exhaust rumbling. All the hello’s are said, a few pictures are taken, the cars are checked out, the newbie’s welcomed, then its off to somewhere warmer, relaxed and provides refreshments – the pub!


A very short drive up the complex, we arrive at Sixfields pub. Once inside, drinks are ordered, seats are found, and the pool table claimed for a bit of fun. The whole atmosphere is very relaxed; with everybody getting involved in conversations, jokes, and of course the banter!

Next up, it’s onto the town centre for a cruise, and to check out what the local boys have to offer in the way of modified cars! The cruise is quite a sight, so many Fiesta’s all in formation making their way to Northampton town centre. Once there, it’s another regular meeting place, with a good view of the main strip for cars to roar past. Pictures are a favourite throughout the night, and this is the final chance to get some decent still’s.


By this time, we are looking at the time being around 11pm, sometimes later in the summer months. This is when people start to disperse and make their way home, but there’s no set time as such. Depending on where you live, a convoy home along the motorway always provides much entertainment, especially from the looks of other drivers as a few modified Fiesta’s go past.

So, now you know what the Sixfields meet is! Check the events forum regularly to find out when the next one is, and bring yourself along. Everybody is welcome, and it doesn’t matter what condition your car is in, be it standard, job half done, or completely finished, everybody is welcome!

With the launch of, we are now looking forward to the show season. If you attend these shows, you’ll be in for a busy year ahead, and hopefully a good summer,just like 2007. As well as the local meets, and the usual Sixfields meets for those who regularly attend, you have the delights of Fiesta in The Park and Ford Fair to attend. These are the two big shows for Fiesta and Ford enthusiasts, and this year promises to be even bigger and better than the last!

Of course, these aren’t the only shows to attend. There are things like Max Power London, regular Santa Pod Sundays, Ten of The Best, and many more still to be announced.


But what can you expect if you’ve never been to one of the big shows? Well, let’s start with Fiesta in The Park. No doubt if you’re a member of this site, you have a Fiesta or have some interest in Fiesta’s. This is certainly the show you CANNOT miss. What would an ideal Fiesta show consist of? Well, surely it will have plenty of Fiesta’s. You’re damn right it does! Hot weather? Being in May, this is the start of the warm weather, and hopefully 2005 will be just as nice as 2004. Sorted.

Attractive venue with great surroundings? Wicksteed Park, the venue, is huge, a lake sits at the bottom of the main grass area, and there’s even a fun fair to lure you away from the delights of everything Ford. And how about getting your car on the “stand”? Yes indeed. If you’re a member of a club or forum that’s well established (let’s hope FSI is there in all it’s might for 2006), then you can put your own car right in the middle of the action for people to view.


What more could you ask for? Well besides all that, the people who go there are all great people. You have everybody from the high-powered and one off car owners to the standard and subtle modded cars! But it’s not all Fiesta’s, despite the name of the show. There are all kinds of Fords here, from the modern Focus, to the old skool Sierra Cosworths and Escort Cosworths. If you’re on the lookout for some parts to buy, then bring along some cash too, as there are trader stalls, and people wanting to sell goods second hand. So you never know, you may well grab yourself a bargain while you’re there!

The next big show after this is Ford Fair. Set in the classic British racetrack of Silverstone, this show has the lot! You’ll find Escort Cosworths, Sierra Cosworths, RS500’s, Focus RS’s, Fiesta’s (of course) and many other classic and rare Ford’s. This show is the big one, and caters for all your needs. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even book yourself onto the track and have a 20-minute session! There are also 0-60 time trials to test out your car! This is a lot harder to get your car onto a stand and it has to be something a little more special.


There’s limited space for everything to get into Silverstone, so don’t expect to get your car in the midst of all the action. Again, if you are looking to buy something, then this is really the time to be doing it. Many traders are here and take up a lot of the paddock. So you can see the products before you buy, and get to chat to the people who run the companies you see advertising in all the magazines.

As said, there are many other shows for you to attend, so make sure you find out all the details closer to the date of the show, and book the time off work! Both the big shows detailed above are the ones I personally look forward to the most, and are excellent days out. So with any luck, we will see you at the both of these! Details of these shows including the dates, times and venues will be put up in the events forum on FSI! Ask any questions you want and we’ll try and answer them!

2008 looks to be a great year for Ford show season. Help to make it one of the best!