So the time has come and gone for the second northern meet.  True to form us northerners know how to have fun, there is so many quotes but I do wonder how many of them are ‘you had to be there’ moments.

The meet took place up in the hills of what is technically Derbyshire, instantly you are surrounded by great views and a Pub with more food than some people could eat.

As the weather was on our side we went for a drive around a few local roads and took in the scenery as well as having a few passenger rides in each others cars which was interesting as we had a good mixture of cars.

Of course you are already wondering what the picture is all about, well meet Dave (Dave G fsi) the fiesta-si Northern Events Co-Ordinator. The picture is of a new experimental engine modification, it only works with smaller engines but you to could add 1 BDP (Brake Dave Power™) to your car if you ask him nicely.

You can find the full thread with all the pictures for this meet here, I believe the next meet will be in May, so keep and eye on the Events Section in the forum.

It was great seeing new and old faces alike and I hope to meet many of you at the next time.