Hi all

If you’ve come directly to the main site, and you’re thinking ‘hang on a minute..?’ then that means we’ve done it and it actually works!). We’ve been working hard on new ideas for the site and to get you lot involved. We thought it was a bit boring having a static website that looks and does nothing. A bit drab some might say.

Fiesta Si on track!

So why not have a site whereby multiple Fiesta-Si.com staff can post updates, pictures and videos with ease. Why not let you lot comment on our posts and pages from here, and why don’t we have an image gallery for our FSi members!? (We’ve been promising it for enough years!)

You’ll see all the important information has made it across, with scope to add more information, and more articles! So if you have any requests, any questions, or you simply need an address to send Terry your dirty knickers, then let us know by commenting on this post just under the title!

In the meantime, watch this space for further updates and news!

The Fiesta-Si.com Team