Well then fellow FSI members.. Here we are. We our now hosted with CyberMods on a nice and steady dual xeon pentium 4 server. Fiesta-si.com was born here, after taking our website through its growing period; we are now back home where we belong 🙂

Now we can have 100% of our attention on progressing our website and forum. All of our efforts can re-focus on our community, and not only listen to what people want, but achieve it as well.

So this is generally a update to let you all know that we are now home, safe and sound with the fire on, getting all warm and cosy ready for the winter months.So from all the FSI admin, we hope you can start enjoying the website fully again, and a special thanks goes to CyberMods for all the work he’s done.

The fiesta-si.com team.