Hello one and all, to the first and no doubt final update to 2009! This has been posted on the newsletter you may have received via the joys of e-mail, but for people who didn’t receive it, cast your eyes over the following!

It’s been a great year for FSi’s owners when it comes to the meets and events that have been held. FITP went down a total smash with better weather than usual (it basically held out mostly weather wise!). Ford Fair was a great day as well, with FSi members having track time thrills and a brilliant turnout on our stand as per. Well done on that guys, and cheers for organising them both Terry!

Terry's FSi

We’ve had a couple of Sixfields meets earlier this year, but things have died down even more lately, with the Southerners taking up the baton and doing us proud with their own imaginatively titled ‘Southern Meet’. Keep up the good work lads and lasses!

And along with all the other smaller meets inbetween, we’ve had another great rolling road day at StreetRacers’ new premises in Loughborough the other month. Everyone had a great day and we even had guys coming down from another other forum with their cars too!

Check out all the details and pictures in our events forum here

Congratulations are in order for Andy (Percy) in becoming an FSi Moderator. We needed some extra hands recently, and it didn’t take us to long to figure out who we could not only trust with the powers of the Force, but knew how to (man)handle FSi members if they ever needed to be taken aside and put on the naughty step. (He’s been doing a great job lately, but we think people like him too much, so we’re working on making him less diplomatic – Ahem.)

Terry (Onslack) has also been promoted to blue status! and is now a fully fledged FSi Administrator. We needed a further hand as the forum needed some extra “backend” help (arf arf). He also wanted more power to annoy Meilack and change his posts to a further degree. We had to oblige. We’re nice like that.

And it’s been a long time coming, but now Fiesta-Si.com members can get a discount through Chris Knott with your modified vehicle (which I already have used myself for the past year) and I don’t think that you could be in safer hands.

I think everyone’s sick to death of insurance companies who charge huge APR on monthly payments, have rubbish customer service or simply are a pain in the backside when you have to claim from them and then they don’t want to payout, or if they do – give you figures worth only pennies! Hence why I chose these guys. Their feedback speaks for itself.

JonoSi's Turbo Fiesta Si

Tim is actually part of the forum now too, and will try and answer any questions that you may have. Give them a try when your renewals due and see what they can do for you! (don’t forget to quote “985 – FIESTA-SI.COM” !)

Read more about the insurance discount scheme here

In other news, some of our members have been getting concerned recently about the amount of French car love going on over the years from the Admin and Moderation team. Click here to see tongue in cheek ‘how New FSi members feel!’

I’m pleased to say that things are starting to take a U-turn in our opinions, shockingly enough, purely because Ford seem to have got their act together recently with releasing decent cars again. (- Along with the fact that a lot of French car manufacturers seems to be losing pace and style). The Mk6/6.5 Fiesta ST was a great starting point with a brilliant chassis that promoted superb handling and grip, and the Focus ST was a nice bump in power over it’s predecessor,even if they were both a little soft around the edges in standard form.

However the release of the Mk7 Fiesta ZS with it’s HUGE weight drop and great chassis capabilities is quite inspiring, and with the ‘Monotune’ upgrade package which brings it up to Fiesta ST specification leaves us feeling excited with what’s to come from them in the future…

(Now only if they were to release a Mk7 with more power and an RS badge on.. I think it would be pant wetting!)

Along with the Fiesta Mk7 is the very insane Focus RS that is quite clearly in the same league as the Megane R26.R regardless of what people may say! What the Focus has instead of the Megane is a lot more comfort for those longer journeys and slightly more road presence. So nevermind which camp you’re in, the Ford should make you feel that it is ultimately something quite special indeed.

And it’s safe to say that Ford have come back into the hearts of many a previous RS owner, especially when other companies are deciding to leave their ‘sporty hatchback’ and ‘GTi-badged’ territories behind..

So that’s all for now – thanks for reading guys and girls. From all the Fiesta-SI Team, we hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! It’s clear to see that Ford are making a comeback, so hopefully this will mean that we’ll be seeing more of you on the forums and at the Fiesta Si Meets and shows next year!

FSi’s Admins and Moderators