the Mk6

In 2002 the all new Fiesta was released. The styling was almost an exact replica of its larger brother the Ford Focus, which was revolutionary at its time but now seems to be the trend with new cars from all manufacturers. This, of course, was the only ALL new Fiesta since the introduction of the Mk3 in 1989, so it’s safe to say the car was long overdue a complete change. It’s easy to spot that the newest Fiesta is much larger than its previous forms, in all dimensions.

As with previous models, it came with a wide array of engines for all requirements including 1.25 16v, 1.3, 1.4 16v, 1.4 turbo diesel, 1.6 16v. The interior was modernised and completely changed with mixed feelings on its results.

The general consensus is that is very dull, bulky and too much plastic to feel very up-market. The drive is very refined and handles well compared to other cars the Fiesta finds itself rivals to. Critics loved it, its being marketed massively and sold in its tens of thousands. The Fiesta has attained an important stance in Fords line up, and remains one its top sellers around the world.

At release the quickest Fiesta was the 1.6 16v Duratec engine model, pushing 100bhp reaching 60 in 10.6seconds. Surprisingly to some, the Duratorq turbo diesel model is very powerful in the mid-rev ranges due to the turbocharged nature of the engine. I produces160Nm of torque compared to the 146Nm of the petrol 1.6 version.

However, these still wouldn’t set the world alight with their performance. Enter, the ST.

The Fiesta ST is the closest Ford has got to bring the spirit of the RS Turbo back to life. Equipped with a 2.0 Duratec engine, and 150bhp the ST is by no means a shopping trolley! Coming with 17″ alloys, lowered and stiffened suspension, up rated ABS brakes, close ratio sports box, ST sports seats and deep front and rear bumpers, only giving a hint to what lies beneath the exterior.

Perhaps we shouldn’t call this the new RS badged Fiesta as the brand stamped on many fine Fords is saved for something special, and believe me when I say something special could soon be on its way. Whispers of a new Fiesta with motorsport heritage running through its cylinders were silenced when the new ‘RS Concept was’ unveiled to the public last year.

Rumours and speculation surround the car in its early stages. Questions are fired towards Ford officials from all angles grappling to information on this car, but Ford are keeping tight lipped on the subject.

It was uncertain of the RS Fiestas future, but with the hype being built up by the prospective customers, not even by Ford motor company themselves, surely this car must be put into production. Engine ideas can be only concluded by yourselves. Is it turbocharged, is it going to be 180+bhp, what engine will it be? We can only speculate. But I’m sure there won’t be any disappointment.