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Early March 2006

Firstly; a big thanks is in order for you guys and girls that continue to use the site. It’s providing an excellent and close-knit group of Fiesta Si owners where […]

Mid November 2005

And we thought all of our problems had been ironed out… Again we are moving servers soon, due to something out of our control as well as Cyber’s. We’re already […]

Late October 2005

Well then fellow FSI members.. Here we are. We our now hosted with CyberMods on a nice and steady dual xeon pentium 4 server. was born here, after taking […]

Mid September 2005

We coming back stronger than ever… Firstly, as mentioned below, we’ve had a few problems with our hosting issues, and if it wasn’t for our savior CyberMods, then we wouldn’t […]

Early August 2005

Ok, so it’s time for a fsi update for you all. We’ve been busy here over at ironing out all the bugs and doing quite a few updates. All […]

Late August 2005

Well guys, i have some bad news.. The hosting company we used it seems didn’t like to pay their bills, and so without notice they have gone "missing" and connot […]