What spark plugs?
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Author:  PUREtom [ Mon Jul 11, 2005 8:22 am ]
Post subject:  What spark plugs?

Couldn't find anything seraching.

Does anybody know what spark plugs we need for our 1.6 Si's?

And how many miles should they do before changing them?



Author:  scotty_boy BSc [ Mon Jul 11, 2005 2:16 pm ]
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Dunno about how often, I've never kept a car long enough to have to change them more than once. I get the car, change them and then get rid afterwards. haha.

Go to Halfords and have a nose at their flip cards and see which ones you need. They're the same price as everyone else. think Si ones are ?18.99 Plantinum tipped things. 8-)

Author:  EvilDes [ Mon Jul 11, 2005 5:40 pm ]
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I have the platinum ones yeah, just have a look in their little book thingy in Halfords 8-)

Author:  Paul [ Mon Jul 11, 2005 5:58 pm ]
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dont get champion tho they arent brilliant, i'd get ngk..

Author:  Simat [ Fri Jul 15, 2005 11:35 am ]
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anyone tried those new V spark plugs

Author:  PUREtom [ Fri Jul 15, 2005 5:51 pm ]
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I got champion platinum in the end, fitted and runs.......smoother!
New blue silicon HT leads on the way!!

Author:  Percy [ Fri Jul 15, 2005 6:09 pm ]
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I am after some iridium (spelling) spark plugs for mine, now they are the best, but not cheap.

Author:  fiestasi [ Sat Jul 16, 2005 11:26 am ]
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best spark plugs by far are DENSO IRIDIUM, though theyre like 40 quid for a set of four theyre definately worth it.

Author:  Percy [ Wed Jul 20, 2005 6:58 pm ]
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I will add I have just got a set of the Denso Iridium plugs for mine.

Cost me ?46 after in total.

To make it easier for anybody else you need the Denso-ITV16 which will fit most zetecs (just checked fiesta and mondeo engines 1.6-2.0 all ok)

Author:  PUREtom [ Wed Jul 20, 2005 10:48 pm ]
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What differences do you have by using these, if any?

Smoother? Quicker?

Author:  Percy [ Wed Jul 20, 2005 11:39 pm ]
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Well apranttly a bigger spark for less voltage which can give better running, more power and better fuel usage.

But there is another reason i have them as they is a certain perfomance mod coming to my car soon which requires these plugs. :wink:

Author:  chris_si [ Thu Jul 21, 2005 10:18 am ]
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im running number 5 plugs hot plugs

Author:  jdfiesta [ Thu Jul 21, 2005 10:57 am ]
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Percy! wrote:
But there is another reason i have them as they is a certain perfomance mod coming to my car soon which requires these plugs. :wink:

tell more...

i have champion Eon plugs in mine, ?20 from motorworld, they looked and read good. so i bought them, had them in for a while now, no problems

Author:  Percy [ Thu Jul 21, 2005 12:32 pm ]
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All I am going to say is I would melt platinium plugs :wink:

Author:  chris_si [ Thu Jul 21, 2005 12:52 pm ]
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me 2

Author:  Mav [ Tue Sep 08, 2015 8:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What spark plugs?

iridium make difference?

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