How suspension works
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Author:  TonyBlackFRST [ Wed Apr 13, 2005 8:31 pm ]
Post subject:  How suspension works

Right after seeing this question so many times i thought i'd set the record straight on an issue

and this is always true unless something on your car is damaged

The question i have these wheels how much can i lower my car comes up constantly

the question i have put these wheels on my car and they dont rub at std height but will they rub if i lower it, the answer is no they wont

they way suspension works and more specifically lowering is the ride height is reduced by having a shorter piston and spring combo giving the car a lower stance

the travel is the reduced by the stiffer spring

wether you have std suspension, lowering springs, matched spring and damper kits, or coilovers the wheel can only be thrown so far into the arch by the suspension compressing so if it is std height or lowwered 100mm the wheel can only go so far.

opbviously with wider wheels they may catch on something when compressed but they will do this wether on std suspension or on modified suspension the same goes for bigger diameter wheels

the problem of scrubbing when lowering when it hasn't rubbed before is an inherrant problem of lowering springs as they are not matched so the compression and rebound of the shocks is out of sync hence the wheel goes up to quickly for the damper to push it back.

if you lower a car properly you should have no propblems at all

yes bigger wheels will catch but its founing the body work nothing to do wether the car is lower.

although if you have coilovers and run the wheels physically tucked into the arches or protuding from the arches in which case whatever you do they will scrub

HTH Tony :D

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