Mk5 Escort brake servo and master cylinder upgrade
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Author:  Petrol [ Sat Nov 26, 2011 10:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Mk5 Escort brake servo and master cylinder upgrade

heres my little guide to fitting the mk5 Escort master cylinder and servo ( complete )

most people talk about the mondeo one and completely over look the escort one, which to me is a mistake as the escort one is barely smaller

the sevos are needed in practicly any situation, the fiesta combo is weak, it can power a pair of small 240mm brakes and rear drums fine, and when your mum is plodding around to tesco it will be fine

however, if you ever drive a brand new car, then jump back in your fiesta you will feel the lack of stopping power, yes brakes on a new car are not only more advanced in design, but theyre also new and fresh, free from the taint of time

but its mainly down to the fact the smaller fiesta servo/cylinder is tired by now and could do with upgrading

apart from this the other reasons to upgrade the servo/cylinder is if your fitting larger brakes

bigger pistons in the larger calipers require both more force behind them and more fluid too, as the larger piston will need more fluid to fill

and if you have upgraded to rear disc brakes too, this will again be more thirsty again, especially the commonly used RS2000 2 pot calipers

Anyway enough babbling, on with the guide

here we go

escort mk5 servo and master cylinder


the servo rod that needs shortening, needs 1CM cutting off for use on a mk3 fiesta
(i cannot take credit for these 2 pictures they are not my own)



you will need access to a welder, mig is best suited, to weld the union back onto the servo bar, 2 short runs either side of the union will do, dab some paint over the welds to prevent rusting afterwards

the bracket just needs minor filing out, simply offer the brackets up to the mounting bolts on the bulkhead to see how much needs filing away
no point filing it it took me less than 5 mins


fitted (two of my outputs were blocked off as i have ABS)



doing this will give immediately better braking feel, response and stopping power regardless what brake setup's you have

i fitted this very servo to my Si, i have standard rubber lines, escort RS2000 front brakes, standard larger option rear drums, and my brakes have been substantially improved, and it only cost me £30

this servo is good for future upgrades such as 300mm front brakes and 270mm rear disc brakes

please take care with this upgrade as it is your brake system, failure of this on the road can be very dangerous, the brakes will need fluid topping up in the resevour and thorough bleeding

i cannot accept responsibility for any mishaps, if your not capable of doing this upgrade please do not attempt it

Regards Jon

Author:  Tonwah [ Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mk5 Escort brake servo and master cylinder upgrade

good guide, what model escort did the servo come from? and would a mk6 escort servo fit?

Author:  Petrol [ Mon Nov 28, 2011 9:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mk5 Escort brake servo and master cylinder upgrade

ive not heard about the mk6 ones so cant really say, but any mk5 escort would do the trick, they all had the same standard servo/cylinder fitted :)


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