what would you do?
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Author:  andyleesy [ Thu Feb 09, 2006 10:04 pm ]
Post subject:  what would you do?

ok first of im nearly (end of feb) 19yrs old with a completely clean insurance history (no claims etc) and im pretty skint (probably £200 disposable in april time - hence why im asking some q's :) ) i have a 1.1L worth ...i dunno...about £400-£600, if you want to value it youself feel free its 1.1L P reg, 1yr MOT, 1yr Tax, 64,000 miles, cd player, optional alloys (could sell seperately for perhaps £80-£100), slight rusting under 1 arch and under one of my headlights on the front panel some damage (can see if you look close enough minor damage to slam panel)
anyway went slightly of topic there, but basically what would you do if you were me? i want something faster and (in a dream world) do an engine conversion on mine and keep it standard. i don't have the equipment though, and £200 is not going to cover parts/equipment etc. **also there's the fact i wouldn't know what im doing, i could help but i would be useless on my own.
now would you buy an engine (can't store it) or buy a car and sell mine (not live the dream :cry: ) if i bought the engine i'd have to pay someone to put it in, and basically what engine would you buy (£200 remeber :lol: ) and what parts would be needed on the engine of you choice....? or would you just say be patient :lol: :lol:

cheers for any ideas

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