pc. want it shifted
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Author:  Op [ Fri Jun 17, 2011 11:27 am ]
Post subject:  pc. want it shifted

Amd 64 dual core 4200 2.42 ghz cpu
Nvidia geforce 7800 gtx oc 512mb graphics, can run Sli
2 gb ddr2 ram (corsair)
Asus Premium motherboard (cant remember type) supports overclocking, supports up to 4gb ram.
500gb drive space
Antec case
windows 7 professional
samsung flatcreen syncmaster monitor.
built in late 2006 by me and my mate john, cost a fair bob.

windows 7 experience (7.9 highest possible rating):

processor 5.1
memory 5.1
graphics 5.9
gaming 4.9
hard drive 5.4

runs well. case is huge. selling as I have a new laptop and I want the space in the spare room.

It will play stuff like Oblivion, COD4, Half life 2 episode 2 at high spec. not bad for its age.


Some things arent genuine (but think they are) ;)
One of the two 250gb drives is Ide. no problem really.
Does occasionally fail its ram check at boot. The cause is one of the 1gb sticks. removed and its ok - I keep it in, never been an issue for me, You just reset at the wall. proberly happens once every 10 boots. :) but you can buy 4gb cheap and stick that in :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I wont include keyboard or mouse. they are grotty.


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